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Thursday, 18 October, 2018

We are immensely pleased to have been appointed legal advisors to what is sure to become Cyprus’ most prominent and prestigious coastal development project, which is about to commence construction on the eastern coastline of Limassol.

Positioned in what is probably the most sought-after location on the island, the project blends an exclusive high-performing hotel with spacious, beautifully appointed villas of unparalleled prestige.
The overall aim is to provide a relaxed holiday and lifestyle atmosphere in a contemporary Mediterranean environment, where eye-catching elegance combines with modern luxurious styling in a project that sits just a few metres from a glorious beach. This combination of a glamorous multi-million euro 5-star hotel with a selection of up-market residential villas demonstrates the hallmarks of their internationally-acclaimed architectural and engineering designers.

The hotel will be managed by a well-known international hotel management company that will deliver best practice, high quality personal service and unique guest experiences, whilst the exclusive villas will be strategically positioned to maximise the topographic opportunities. A no-comprise approach promises an exclusive lifestyle in an elegant, spacious setting with unparalleled residents’ facilities for individuals and families who are looking to establish a presence in Cyprus.

This project reflects everything that luxurious design, architecture, and lifestyle quality should be.

Real estate law is one of our firm’s core specialities, and the individual attorneys in our practice are highly skilled, experienced, and innovative. Collectively – and through collaboration with the firm’s other practice areas – we provide clients with valuable counsel on a full spectrum of real estate matters.

We will be pleased to act for interested investors should they wish to become involved in this project – advising them on the benefits and all associated advantages of investing in Cyprus.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help with regard to high-profile or complex real estate transactions.

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